2012 And the mountain came to the prophet

Submitted by admin on Mon, 03/25/2013 - 22:12
From the logbook of “Nam Kok”, July 2012 3 years had gone by in Warns in Friesland with our sailboat, the “Nam Kok” after our very exciting honeymoon at that time. Since that we have been sailing the Ijsselmeer up and down and know each of these traditional, old harbors, from glorious decades in the past. Also becoming experienced with our ship, mostly at quite heavy conditions in the Netherlands, mostly at least with one reef in the main. We know that “Nam Kok” loves to fly on the reach down-wind, not easy up-wind. And we love to jibe her, but we are also fine, getting her through the wind with the nose for tracking. 3 years of Ijsselmeer, 3 years of rain, shower, strong winds and bucketwise gusts. Where ever we have been at all these times and locations, big, black clouds were approaching. Regularly, as if it was somehow related to us. Somehow we felt not being welcome anymore in our marina in Warns. The people got scared of bad and stormy weather, seeing us.